PTSD Milsim Challenge!

PTSD Milsim Challenge


In June of 2014, Blacksheep Milsim hosted the first of its Milsim events incorporating the PTSD Milsim Challenge at the GTI Joint Operations Center, in Barnwell, South Carolina. GI Jenn (Warrior Talk Radio) attended this event along with many active military, retired military and civilians. And we sat down and talked with several of them to talk about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Immersion Therapy and how it relates to Milsim (Military Simulation) events.


New Video of Stonework!

Knight Solutions

Showcasing a custom hardscape design done for the Jackson Residence in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The video shows the intermixing of both the computer model created by Knight Solutions, and the final completed project. Showing the design and the completed project are the same, save for design changes that were made by the customer.

New Video!

LCT Teaser

I know it has been a while since I posted anything, but we have been really busy shooting!  We shot a whole bunch of stuff at Pyramid lake for Trout Unlimited, and then a Documentary about Immersion Therapy for Vets.  Really exciting stuff, but it will be a while until I can post the video.

2013 Show Reel is done!

Promo Reel Image


Hey guys, finally got my 2013 reel done.  This is a look at all the projects we worked on in 2013. Wwe have advanced so much in technology and experience that it was hard to include some of our earlier work.  However, I think it shows how far we have come and what to look for in the future!


As the works that we film are released, I will be sure to add links so that you can see the final products.

What a fun day.

Wow! This is beautiful

Wow! This is beautiful

The day started with a hike up to Pulpit Rock in Colorado Springs.  The view from up top was beautiful.  We started our shoot with a couple of pans around a young woman who had just finished her run up the mountain.

The second half of the day was in a different part of Colorado Springs fliming a couple of mountain bikers having the time of their life biking the local trails.

Check out the video!